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Japan has come to form a civilization of its own kind, in the realm of history, religion and culture.

In his book “The Clash of Civilizations,” professor Samuel Huntington places Japanese Civilization in a new position, apart from Chinese Civilization. Our foundation aims to research the following five mutually related categories that are not recognized by the Japanese people to be their identity and personality. Our goal is to study Japanese civilization and pass it down to people in and outside Japan, by actively communicating what we have learnt.

The field of Ideology, Philosophy and Ethics

Japanese ideology, “yamato-gokoro (spirit of early Japan)” and spirit of “wa (harmony)”

The field of Economy and Management

“shinise (long-established organizations)

The field of Industrial Art, and Technology

Art, handicrafts, fashion, pop culture, architecture and technology

The field of Industrial Art, and Technology

Art, handicrafts, fashion, pop culture, architecture and technology

The field of Medicine

Chinese medicine, Japanese food, and healthy food that prevents sickness


Politics and Religion

Our goal is to contribute to peace and continuous development of Japan and the outside world, through deep research and activities for creating awareness.

Message from Director

Looking at world history, it is said that Europe is the only one that was able to create a model of modernization. However, apart from Europe, Japan is the only country that went through the process of creating a modernization of its own kind—that rivals well with that of Europe—and became a advanced country. Japan has been regarded as islands of disaster, suffering from numerous floods, eruptions, earthquakes and tsunami. But blessed with pure water not to mention the glorious four seasons, and peoples’ nature being moderate, imaginative, original and hardworking, Japan has come to develop a civilization of its own kind. Amid the globalization of the economy and communication amongst people, Japan and its people today need to think deeply as to what they believe in. A tolerant mind to accept other civilizations only begins by understanding their own. The role of Japan in international society is bound to become increasingly important. Japanese Civilization Institute is founded here as a place for capable people working together to tackle these kinds of issues.

Naoki Inose