Japanese Civilization Institute delivery

We should make every effort to provide excellent customer service from start to finish, including:

*Charging reasonable shipping and handling costs.

*Responding to your (buyer’s) questions promptly

* Being professional throughout the transaction

* Making sure the item is delivered to you (the buyer) as described in our listing

We specify shipping costs and related service changes in your listing.

What we can charge;

Actual shipping cost: This is the amount for shipping the item. It should be what you (the buyer) paid the carrier.

Delivery confirmation and extra services: If you want to use these options, you (the buyer) can ask us the shipping and handling costs, and we can only charge what they actually cost. Examples of services include:

*Certificate Mailing

*Collect on Delivery

*Delivery Confirmation

*Registered Mail

*Restricted Delivery

*Return Receipt

*Signature Confirmation

*Special Handling

Currently, we are going to include all shipping fee in the item price.